Friday, October 14, 2011

Upcoming Recipe: Personal Coffee Cake

Just about an hour ago my husband and I were discussing sweet evening treats. I inquired his thoughts on the topic because I feel like we should have homemade, semi-sweet treats at-the-ready in the freezer. Maybe scones, muffins, "energy bars." But he's right. We'd eat them all in a couple days (or less) then we're back where we started. 

This recipe for a personal COFFEE CAKE might fit the bill and is now a must try this weekend. Chocolate is my best friend but sometimes we need a break. I just L-O-V-E coffee cake, namely the crumbly topping. Given the creator's cakey vs. crumbly direction I think I'll leave out the half an egg for a crumblier version. Not to mention, half an egg? Well, I suppose I could put it over the dog's food.

Of course I failed to mention my husband's utterly reasonable, disgustingly healthier snack suggestion: a bowl of cereal. Hmph. I'm still going to make coffee cake.

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